What is Clash Of Clans World Championship?

Clash Of Clans World Championship is the biggest tournament organized by Supercell, towards the end of every year. It features the best teams from around the world, who have qualified from the previous Monthly Qualifiers. Unlike its qualifiers, it features a massive amount as prizepool.

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Following are the details of Clash Of Clans World Championship:

  1. Officially organized by Supercell
  2. Team Vs Team Clan War Battle
  3. Played at the end of every year
  4. Teams earn their qualification spot via the Monthly Qualifiers
  5. Winners shall be crowned as “Clash Of Clans World Champions”

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Clash Of Clans World Championship started back in 25 October, 2019. It was the first time Clash Of Clans (Supercell) had organized a main event with this very title. However, the tournaments used to happen years earlier since 2015 AD.

Following is the chronlogy of various Clash Of Clans events:

  • YouTuber War Challenge – 2015
  • Clash Of Clans War Challenge – 2016
  • Champions War League (CWL) Season 1- 2017
  • CWL Season 2 – 2017
  • CWL Season 3 – 2017
  • CWL Season 4 – 2018
  • Clan War League – 2018
  • Clash Of Clans World Championship (COC WC) – 2019
  • COC WC – 2020
  • COC WC – 2021

Several tournaments have not been included in the list to keep it short and well-maintained.

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