Unique and Stylish PUBG New State Name for Players

PUBG New State has been around the corner for a while. In a data shared by Krafton, it stated that 55 million people from around the globe pre-registered for the game. Indeed it was true, the game saw 1 million+ downloads on its first day of release from Google Play Store. As the game has just been available to public, millions of users are getting into the game and they need to have an In-Game-Name (or IGN) mandatorily to play PUBG New State. However, more than one person cannot have the same name in this game.

For example: If Player1 named himself TheSkullCollector. Now, no other players can use this name until and unless Player1 removes it by his own. Nonetheless, you can always play with the uppercases and lowercases to have this name. Like:

  1. THeSkullCollector
  2. THESkullCollector
  3. tHeSkullCollector

and so much more.

In this blog, we will discuss the best unique and stylish names you can have in PUBG New State along with the literal meanings of those names (if any).

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Before we begin, here are the basic things everyone needs to know:

  1. Nicknames can’t exceed 12 characters.
  2. You cannot use spaces in between your IGN.
  3. Two or more people cannot have the same IGN.
  4. You can change your nicknames later.

How to add spaces in between names?

In order to add spaces, you need to use the letters that PUBG New State doesn’t recognize. (For example: these symbols ī ï) can help you maintain spaces between names.

If you want your name to be Gaming | UTD, you can enter Gaming ī | ī UTD. But, keep in mind, you only have 12 characters to name yourself!

So, here we begin.

Unique and Stylish Names for players in PUBG New State

Unique and Stylish PUBG New State Name for Players
Unique and Stylish PUBG New State Name for Players


– Zeus is the sky and thunder god in Ancient Greek religion.

  1. Z͓̽E͓̽U͓̽S͓̽
  2. Z͎E͎U͎S͎
  3. Z♥E♥U♥S
  4. Z̳E̳U̳S̳
  5. Z̷E̷U̷S̷


– Demon is evil and Slayer means who terminates. DemonSlayer means one who terminates evil opponents.

  1. ᗪ乇爪ㄖ几丂ㄥ卂ㄚ乇尺
  2. DҽɱσɳSʅαყҽɾ
  3. 𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓𝕾𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗


– Player who always aims for the headshot. If you are a sniper, it shall be your prior option.


– If you want to taunt your opponents, this name is perfect for you. When you kill one, they will get so annoyed that they might even break their devices.


– Ailurus is a genus of Panda species.

Your Clan Name x Snow, Sun, Moon, Star, Andromeda, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, etc.

– You can also use the names of natural things if they describe you to name yourself. For example: I would name myself BMxSNOW. (BM is my clan name and I love the word SNOW).


– It is time to generate fear on your opponent’s mind. This word YT behind your name really frightens the front enemies because they have a mighty fear if they play bad, you could upload this video on the Internet.

Mr(Your Name) or Miss(Your Name)

– Players have been seen using this name in PUBG Mobile a lot. Especially, when you have a group of your friends or a boyfriend and girlfriend, this name structure seems to perfectly explain your relationship.

(Word)1 (Word)2 (Word)3 (Word)4

– In place or (Word), you can keep HelpMe, BFF, or any other words that describe the bond and friendship you have with your friends. If you are three to four friends who are planning to play together for years in SQUAD, this name combination might be one to go with.


– Generally, you have 3 other players in your team. If you are planning to taunt one of your teammates, you can use the names like: No1isNoob, No2isNoob, No3isNoob or No4isNoob.

How to generate your own stylish names?

If you have selected your favorite name from the lists above, you can head over to any one stylish font generators on the web.

Step 1: Search “PUBG New State Stylish Name Generator”

Step 2: Type in your name.

Step 3: A list of creative designs will appear.

Step 4: Copy the design you love.

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