Recall Tower in PUBG Mobile: The Ultimate Guide

With the recall tower in PUBG Mobile, players can recall their defeated teammates in the game.

Have you tried to show aggression in the game and got killed in the process? Despite fearlessness, you end up dying in fights? Your one friend who does not join you in any of your fights survives?

PUBG Mobile officials heard you and the stories of thousands like you. PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battleground game so, players want to show aggression. For their bravery, PUBG Mobile rewarded them with a second life in the same match. By introducing the Recall Tower, players can recall their defeated teammates once in every match within the recall duration.

When was Recall Tower introduced in PUBG Mobile?

On the 12th of January, 2022, PUBG Mobile made the 1.8 Update Announcement. In the article, they mentioned that they were looking forward to adding a new feature in PUBG Mobile – The Recall Tower. They wrote, “Added a recall system that gives all players 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower and recall your teammates!”. It was followed by the introduction of the New Classic Mode Map – AfterMath.

PUBG Mobile expands recall towers on more maps (Twitter)

Livik integrated this feature in the 2.0 Update whereas AfterMath received it in the 2.3 Update.

Why did PUBG Mobile introduce Recall feature?

Recall Tower Advantages in PUBG Mobile
Recall Tower Advantages in PUBG Mobile

Easy Ranking Up

With an additional life, players can come up with new strategies for pushing rank higher.

Releasing Frustration

Being eliminated early is no longer a problem. It is frustrating to encounter a camper who is camping in a closed building and defeats you. Your teammates are going to eliminate that player. But you have lost your life to a camper. Isn’t it annoying? Well, recall feaure helps you get back in the game after such unfortunate events.

More Adventurous Gameplay

Push as many squads afterall you have an another life.

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What is a special recall in PUBG Mobile?

During limited-time special events, like the DinoGround in May 2023, several players take a hot drop into these intense arenas. Only one or two squads likely survive during these fights. It’s also a matter of luck because many players die of not getting weapons on time.

So, every player entering these arenas equip an auto-recall card. It recalls players automatically when they die. The officials term this feature as Super Recall.

Where are Recall Towers located in PUBG Mobile?

Recall towers are available in specific places in all classic mode maps in PUBG Mobile. The location of recall towers can be viewed on the map. A green heart symbol marks the presence of a recall tower.

The number of towers varies from map to map and is decided based on the number of players. Their frequency also depends upon the sizes of various maps.

Following images show recall towers in every classic mode maps in PUBG Mobile. (June 2023)

[To be updated]

How to recall teammates in PUBG Mobile?

In order to recall defeated teammates, at least one of the teammates needs to be alive. It does not cost anything to recall a defeated teammate. There is a time restriction for limiting the duration in which defeated players can be recalled.

STEP 1: Go near any recall tower.

STEP 2: Click RECALL button that appears.

All of your defeated teammates will re-enter the battleground through an aeroplane. They will be moderately equipped. Recalled teammates will land with an SMG (Uzi or UMP) or AR (Scar-L) with two extra rounds of bullets.

Is Recall Teammates in PUBG Mobile annoying?

On the other side of the advantages of recalling teammates in PUBG Mobile, it is annoying to a few players. Defeated teammates tend to use the “Please Recall Me” button excessively that alive players hate listening to it. Repeated pressing of the button even when the teammate is approaching a recall tower produces anger.

As long as you do not have a squad, matching with random players can result in split drop locations. If you play smoothly and with a calm peace of mind, random players might take advantage of your calmness by taking a hot drop. Those players take a drop in extremely populous areas but alone. As a result, they suffer defeat early in the game. On the other hand, you focus on initial loot, thus, land on a safer place and prioritize collecting items in the early moments of the match. However, your defeated teammate spams the recall button repeatedly which may annoy you.

Recall Tower – A New Battleground

For those who love engaging in fights, middle games are also boring. However, getting closer to any recall tower can increase the number of fights you can engage in.

Is it an opportunity to increase KD?

A fun way to increase the number of players in the game – Recall in PUBG Mobile allows players to kill more enemies than allowed by the game. For instance, an Erangel Classic Match consists of 100 maximum players. With enemies getting killed and being recalled, the same enemy can be killed twice. If 50 players get recalled during one match, this increases the number of players to 150.

It increases rush gameplay. During the first few moments of the game, players are more likely to take hot drops. As they have an extra chance of getting alive after being dead, players tend to gamble their first life for kills. Players who hunt for kills and aim to raise their KD higher can drop in areas like Pochinki, Georgopool, Military Base (Erangel) or Power Plant, Midstein (Livik). Likewise, in other maps. However, it is not advised that a complete squad does the same thing. A better approach would be to send one of the teammates to a nearby recall tower before landing. This ensures that even if three of you die in the battle, the fourth one can recall all of you back in the game.

Be Aware of the Campers

A few players in PUBG Mobile camp around the recall towers. They wait for the perfect opportunity to snake-biting those players who come to the tower to recall their defeated teammates. This proves to be even more frustrating than getting eliminated early. So, scout the recall towers thoroughly for such campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I recall teammates in PUBG Mobile?

You can recall your teammates using Recall Tower in PUBG Mobile. Recall Towers are marked in the map with green heart symbols.

Can you respawn teammates in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, you can respawn teammates in PUBG Mobile by using the recall feature.

Can you bring back teammates in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, teammates can return to the match after getting eliminated if their teammates recall them.

How many times can you recall teammates in PUBG Mobile?

You can only recall your teammates once in a match in PUBG Mobile. Moreover, it has a time limit. You can recall your defeated teammates only before the recall tower closes.

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