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How to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile?

Ranking up quickly in PUBG Mobile can be tough at times when you don’t get many kills. Well, there are some hidden ways that can help you increase your overall ratings and reward you with higher survival points. In this post, we will share with you how you can quickly rank up in PUBG Mobile!

Here are two of our detailed guides you might want to check:

Loot Air Drops Frequently

Loot Air Drops Frequently
AIr Drops reward High Rank in PUBG Mobile

When you open up a fresh airdrop, it is likely that you will receive additional points. Looting airdrops can be challenging most of the time. That is where many battles initiate. However, if you can generate an upper hand on these battles or avoid them, chances are that you will end up with higher ranking points in PUBG Mobile than average.

Make use of all Utilities

Remember, there are many useful utilities in the game like grenades, melee weapons, and medicine. Make sure you collect every possible items and make use of them at least once in every matches. Grenade kills can be highly rewarding. Additionally, proper use of these utilities can help you win battles.

Revive your teammates more often

Revive your knocked-down teammates
Revive your knocked-down teammates

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Afterall, in the battleground, you will have to show teamworking skills, too. Therefore, it becomes integral that you help your teammates in every way possible. Reviving them when they have been knocked down is one of the many ways to do so. If your squad avoids taking fights then ask your teammate to get knocked down intentionally. Then, move on to revive the player. This is because support accumulates a major part in your overall ranking.

Recover your HEALTH

Soldiers do get injured. If you are one of the soldier in the battlefield against your rivals, it is sure that you will get at least some damage. Recovering the damage reflects your efficiency in the game. This is true in PUBG Mobile, too. The more damage you heal up, the more it reflects you have been engaging yourself in fights.

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Loot every Death Crates Possible

Though this seems not to be so practical tip, you can definitely give a try to it.

Win Every Match

This is an obvious tip for anyone who wants to quickly rank up in PUBG Mobile. You will definitely need to win every matches you play. This will reward you with additional survival points. What’s more, by getting chicken dinners, you are ensuring that you are the survivor till the end and that you can accumulate as many number of kills as possible.

Try using many weapons

Recall there’s a tag in PUBG Mobile – Weapon Master that demonstrates the versatility of a player with many weapons. The same is true for judging your skills and abilities to compete in higher leagues. In order to rank up quickly, using variety of weapon combinations like: SMG + AR, AR + Sniper, SMG + DMR, etc. can be beneficial.

Become a wanderer

Don’t just stay in a particular compound and wait for the safe zone to shrink. Become a wanderer and travel far and wide within the maps

BOTS are helpful

Everyone loves bots. They provide you easy kills and more resources.

Friends are awesome

We never recommend anyone to play Solo matches. Either choose Duo or Squad mode. It’s all because friends are awesome. Most of the times, you can be revived time and again. Furthermore, you can knock down your teammates by your own or ask them to jump from a high cliff, then quickly revive them. You will be receiving few extra points for support.

On a final note, ensure fair gameplay in the game. Do not harm your friends. They might report you in-game which could lead your character to get freezed for the rest of that match. Also, consider playing in Squad of your like-minded friends rather than playing alone or with those who are interested in enjoying the game more than ranking up the leagues.

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