PUBG Mobile Full Forms

In PUBG Mobile, many abbreviations are commonly used. Most of the times, players use such names with no knowledge of their actual full forms. This article will provide you with ideas of full forms in PUBG Mobile.

What is the full form of PUBG? PUBG is a short-hand abbreviation for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Communication Related Full Forms in PUBG Mobile

OPOver Powered
GGGood Game
MVPMost Valuable Player
IGLIn Game Leader
IGNIn Game Name
AFKAway From Keyboard
ADSAim Down Sight
FTWFor The Win
BTCBorn To Clutch
BTBad Trip
BGBad Game
BLBad Luck
GLGood Luck
TPPThird Person Perspective
FPPFirst Person Perspective
HPHit Points
KRJPKorea and Japan

Tournaments Related Full Forms in PUBG Mobile

PMCOPUBG Mobile Clubs Open
PMNCPUBG Mobile National Championship
PMWLPUBG Mobile World League
PMPLPUBG Mobile Professional League
PMGCPUBG Mobile Global Championship
PMWIPUBG Mobile World Invitational
PMASPUBG Mobile All Stars

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Weapon Related Full Forms in PUBG Mobile

ARAssault Rifle
DMRDesignated Marksman Rifle
LMGLight-Machine Gun
SGShort Gun
SMGSub-Machine Gun
SRSniper Rifles

Above were some commonly used full forms in the game.

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