PMPL: PUBG Mobile Professional League

PMPL stands for PUBG Mobile Professional League and is a part of official tournaments organized by PUBG Mobile Esports. It is a professional and A Tier tournament featuring teams who have either been qualified from PMCOs, PMNCs, WildCards or invited directly into the tournament. In this post, we will discuss in detail about PMPL, tournament structure, participating teams, points distribution table, qualification and more.

What is PMPL?

PUBG Mobile Professional League
PUBG Mobile Professional League

PMPL (PUBG Mobile Professional League) is an invite only and an A-tier tournament organized officially by PUBG Mobile eSports which features professional teams.

It is one stratum higher than PMCOs, and PMNCs. However, it is lower than PMWL and PMGC, in strata of tiers.

Like every other tournaments, it is played twice in a year: Spring Split and Fall Split.

Participating teams in PMPL:

Usually, 20 teams are invited into PMPL in each season. Out of which 12-13 teams are invited from the overall rankings of the PMPL finals of the previous season. The remaining teams are then invited as follows:

  • Teams from PUBG Mobile Clubs Open Finals
  • Teams from PUBG Mobile National Championship Finals
  • Teams from WildCard (PMCOs and PMPLs)

Points Structure in PMPL:

PMPL follows the standard points distribution system of PUBG Mobile, where 1 point is awarded for every kills and certain points are rewarded for securing specific positions.

The points system table is as follows:

115 points
212 points
310 points
48 points
56 points
64 points
72 points
8 – 121 point
13 – 160 point
Table: PUBG Mobile Professional League Points Distribution System Table

Tournament Structure:

Teams are divided into five groups, each consisting of four teams.

Only four groups play match at a single time while remaining group rests for the match. Likewise, every teams play equal number of matches following Round-Robin format.

PMPL is played in three different stages for seeds in global tournament as follows:

  • PMPL (Region) Season (Number) (Year) League Stage
  • PMPL (Region) Season (Number) (Year) Finals
  • PMPL (Region) Championship (Year)

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