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PUBG Mobile Points Distribution System 2023

[NEW] PUBG Mobile Point System 2023

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PUBG Mobile Esports has announced to implement new and improved point systems in all PUBG Mobile official tournaments in 2023.

During the LAN event of PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022, the director of PUBG Mobile Esports, James Yang said, “We are also making the changes to the rules to improving more player experience. We will be 10 point system across all tournaments to make the games more exciting and competitive.”

The point system has dropped by 20 points since late 2019 when the first position teams were awarded 30 position points. Earlier in 2020, the officials had made changes to their existing 30-point system and introduced the new 15-point system. In 2023, they have further revised their points system to 10 points which will decrease the number of teams relying on position points during short tournaments.

The new point system is as follows:


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