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Battlegrounds Mobile India Points Distribution System Table

BGMI Points Distribution System

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  1. BGMI will follow the internationally accepted standards for points distribution system in competitive matches.
  2. For every finishes, the team receives an additional point.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was released officially in July 2021. It had its first-ever official tournament on the 8th and 9th of July which marked the beginning of eSports in BGMI. As always, there comes a question – How will the success of the teams be measured? It’s obvious there has to be a standard for measuring the points system. BGMI Points System will be the same as the international points system in PUBG Mobile.

Bringing no changes to the standard points distribution system table, Krafton announced that the same standard would be applied to every competitive match

Following is the points distribution table structure based on position points and finish points:

PUBG Mobile Points Distribution System Table
Battlegrounds Mobile India Points Distribution Table

Picture via Battlegrounds Mobile India.

This system of distributing points assures uniform drops in the points accumulated by each team in a match. Having such a structure that urges teams to show dominating performances increase enthusiasm for the match, also adds to a massive turnaround in the overall ranking as well.

For every finish, a team gets an additional point.

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BGMI Points System in Major Tournaments

Launch Party

The same above-mentioned points structure was adopted during the first-ever official tournament of Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Launch Party in India.

Freedom Face-Off

BGMI Freedom Face-Off that happened on August 15, 2021 on the occasion of India’s Independence Day also featured the fore-mentioned ranking system.

AMD Ryzen Skyesports BGMI Championship 2021

Skyesports organized Skyesports Championship 3.0 during August-September 2021. Battlegrounds Mobile India was one of the many games played in the tournament. It adopted the same above-mentioned ranking system in the entire tournament stages.

So, what is the maximum number of points a team can accumulate from a match?

Well, the possibilities are numerous. In a match, there can be maximum of 20 teams playing at the same time. Let us exclude the four players of a team so, there remains 76 enemies. Assuming that all 76 enemies are defeated by the same squad, they can accumulate 76+15 = 91 points from a single match.

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    BGMI will follow the internationally accepted standards for points distribution system. For every finishes, the team receives an additional point.

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