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What is the best Clash Royale Creator Code in 2021?

Supercell Creator Code Clash Royale Benefits

Supercell announced creator codes for their games as a part of the creator boost in 2020. Creator Boost benefits the creator as some percentage of the total money traded inside the game is shared between Supercell and its creators.

Creator Boost is a program initiated by Supercell to support its creators (on YouTube and Twitch) by providing them a unique code that can be used by the players (worldwide) in-game. Using that particular code, for every monetary transaction, a player or a user makes inside of the games developed by Supercell, the creators are rewarded a few percentages of the total transaction made during that period. Such creator codes can be entered inside the games in the Creator Boost section. The duration of each creator code is around 1 week. The entered code gets reset after one week’s time. And, the user has to re-enter the code to benefit their favorite content creator. Anyone, of course, a content creator focused to create the content of the Supercell published games, either on any of the two platforms: YouTube and Twitch, having a following of more than 5,000 people can apply for their own creator codes if accepted by Supercell.

List of Creator Codes in Clash Royale in 2021

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Creator Codes in Clash Royale:

The official YouTube channel of Clash Royale has more than 8 million subscribers. And, Clash Royale Esports has above 1 million subscribers. On Twitch, Clash Royale has more than 4 million followers. Why am I telling this to you? By now, you must be reasoning yourself why I just shared these facts with you. Okay, Clash Royale is a very big community and is being played by millions of players around the globe every month.

But, they would not have achieved so much engagement if none of the content creators created educational, exciting, and interesting videos of this game. Since its beginning, creators around the world have been working days and nights to find unique ideas, best decks, and strategies to help you win each match in this game.

Have you noticed?  Those creators also have a decent following either on YouTube or on Twitch. Some of them have over a million subscribers, as well. On the other hand, there are also some creators who have been working hard but sadly, their content has not reached many individuals. What’s common in between those creators is a strong and devoted fan base.
Clash Royale is a game created, owned, and published by Supercell. Creator Boost, an initiation of Supercell to benefit its creators was started in October 2019. Three months earlier in July 2019, Pass Royale, a brand new feature was added to Clash Royale. Thanks to it, Clash Royale increased its revenue beyond $2.5 billion that year. (Source: Forbes

Maybe because their revenue grew unexpectedly that year, they decided to add Creator Codes in Clash Royale. Though they would be sharing some percentage of their revenue to their creators, it surely would increase the number of content creators dedicating to creating content for this game. This would definitely invite more people to play and enjoy the game which in turn, is an indirect advertisement of the game through its content creators.
In clash royale, each creator has to sign up for the creator boost program through Supercell Creators website. One can only apply for the program if they have met the eligibility criteria. The unique code referred to as “Creator Code” is decided by the creator themselves, and not by Supercell. Once accepted, creators can ask their audience to use the code in the Creator Boost section while performing any transactions in the game.
To sum up, creator codes in clash royale is a part of the Creator Boost program that benefits the creators, increases in-game transactions, increases Supercell’s revenue, and increases the audience’s love for this game.

Supercell Creator Codes Clash Royale Benefits:

For every purchase you make inside the game, the creator you are supporting gets some amount of the money you just used. This motivates creators to make more content and entertain everyone around the globe. SUPERCELL is trying to reward its creators for their contribution in growing the game for almost 4 years now. This can be done if every one of the audience supports them.
Now, why should you support a creator?

  1. They provide you easy strategies to accomplish certain missions and tournament objectives.
  2. They put in their sweat and blood to create amazing, new, and entertaining videos just for you.
  3. They do it for living. It really helps them to keep up with their living standard. Alongside, this helps the creators to buy more gears to enchance the video qualities.

If you never like spending money inside the game, creator code is not made for you. But, if you love spending money and buying those Royal Pass and unlocking missions, you must think about it.

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What items can be bought inside the game?

If by some means, you are new to this game. You can buy gems, gold, royal pass, and chests in the game by spending real money. Gold can be bought to upgrade the cards. Chests can be bought for amazing experiences because they create a suspense whether which card is going to pop up from the chest. Royal Pass provides you free tower skins, emotes, unlimited entries to challenges and lots of chests rewards. Gems provide you almost everything inside the game. You can open the chests, emotes, buy golds, enter challenges and many more using the gems inside the game because you don’t get them in abundant amount.

Have a nice time spending money inside the game and don’t forget to support your favorite creators around the globe.

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