You are currently viewing Royal Tournament: Queso Cup 2022 Qualifiers
Royal Challenge Queso Cup In-game Qualifiers

Royal Tournament: Queso Cup 2022 Qualifiers

The In-game qualifiers for Queso Cup 2022 have started from the 11th of April and will continue till the 16th of April in Clash Royale. Queso Cup is one of the global tournaments that offers its winner with a Golden ticket to Clash Royale League 2022.

Royal Challenge Queso Cup In-game Qualifiers
Royal Challenge Queso Cup In-game Qualifiers

Royal Tournament: Queso Cup 2022 In-Game Qualifiers

In order to qualify for the Queso Cup, players need not register themselves anywhere. They can play the limited time in-game 1v1 Multiplayer battle – the Royal Tournament – against live opponents in Clash Royale. Each player is awarded with five opportunities to loose the battles. In order to strengthen their chances to qualify, they need to register as many wins as possible. At the end of the tournament, the top 128 players with the most wins shall be selected and forwarded to the second phase of the tournament. Only 16 players from those 128 qualified players shall advance to the finals.

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Best Decks for Royal Tournament 2022

With only five chances to loose, the tournament will definitely be challenging for anyone. We recommend playing with the deck you have full confidence upon. Since there is no any ultimate target of how many battles you need to win in order to secure your spot for the second phase, it is really risky to head onto every other battle.

Here is a list of decks that we have found on YouTube:

Best Royale Tournament Decks

This deck was played by a player within the Top 50 lists in the challenge.

Royal Challenge Deck 1
Royal Challenge Deck 1

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