Leagues in Clash Royale and Tips to Rank Higher

Clash Royale features three leagues, after reaching 5000 trophies, that are further divided into sub-divisions. Altogether, there are 10 leagues in the game. The lowest league is Challenger I (5000 trophies) and the highest is Ultimate Champion (8000+ trophies). In this post, we will discuss in detail about these leagues along with few tips to rank higher safely and quickly.

Leagues in Clash Royale
Leagues in Clash Royale

What are leagues in Clash Royale?

As a matter of fact, there must be a mission or challenge to be accomplished in order to keep the game alive and increase the competition between its players. A game having no end-reward won’t sustain itself in the competitive market of today.

Leagues are such quests for the players that motivates them to play the game. It is a measure of how successful a player is in playing a one-on-one versus battle against other opponents. They represent the level of skills and presence of mind of the players because not all players can reach the Ultimate Champion league.

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When do you enter a league in Clash Royale?

After recent updates, a player can enter or join a league in Clash Royale on reaching trophies >=5000. Previously, leagues used to start from 4000 Trophies featuring Legendary Arena as the base of League Battles. Now, players below 5000 trophies won’t be considered as being in a league but they would be in Arena(s).

Leagues in Clash Royale

5000Challenger I
5300Challenger II
5600Challenger III
6000Master I
6300Master II
6600Master III
7300Grand Champion
7600Royal Champion
8000Ultimate Champion
Table: Leagues in Clash Royale and Trophies Required

League 1 – Challenger I

Challenger I is the first league a player can enter in the journey of ranking higher. This is a relatively easier one to achieve because of its trophy requirement which is minimum (only 5000 trophies) as compared to any other. Any deck works perfectly fine in this tier if you have known the basics of how to use that particular deck.

League 2 – Challenger II

This is the second league in Clash Royale and the difficulty starts rising higher. You will need to think of the level of your cards to maintain the trophies and rank higher. Similarly, you will need to have more than two decks ready that you can shuffle and play perfectly. The trophy requirement for Challenger II is a minimum of 5300.

League 3 – Challenger III

Challenger III is the third league and the final one in Challengers that has a trophy requirement of 5600. After you’ve reached this stratum, you must have all of your cards maxed out or else you could be easily defeated by your opponent.

Do we need to max our cards to rank higher?

Yes, this is the essential part to rank higher. Unless you’ve got really awesome strength which you could use to defeat enemies having troops of level 13, you don’t have a chance to increase ranks by playing a one-on-one battle against the classic players with troops of level 12 or lower.

For reaching Challengers, you can have troops of level 9, 10 and/or 11. However, if you wish to promote yourself higher, you will definitely need to give a second thought on upgrading your cards to higher levels (to level 13, if possible).

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