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Champions in Clash Royale - Golden Knight, Archer Queen, Skeleton King

Champions in Clash Royale – Golden Knight, Archer Queen, Skeleton King

After a maintenace break on 27th of October, 2021, Clash Royale has added three new champions into the game along with King Level 14. The new champions are: Golden Knight, Archer Queen and Skeleton Queen which can be unlocked on reaching King Level 14 in the game. Details about these newly added champions is mentioned in this blog below.

What are champions in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Champions
Clash Royale Champions (Picture Courtesy: Clash Royale)

Champions are cards of a special rarity added into Clash Royale during October 2021 update and can be unlocked at King Level 14. There are three Champions: The Archer Queen, The Skeleton King and The Golden Knight that have different abilities each.

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  • Only one champion can be used in one deck.
  • Once a champion is laid into the arena, players won’t be able to deploy another champions until the existing one gets damaged completely.
  • Champions have their special abilities: Cloaking Cape – Archer Queen, Dashing Dash – Golden Knight, and Soul Summouning – Skeleton King.
  • Abilities needs to be recharged and it costs 1 elixir to use the ability of the champions.

How can the champions be unlocked in Clash Royale?

Champions unlock at King Level 14. Nonetheless, players below level 14 can also enjoy using the champions in Special Challenges by Clash Royale.

According to the developers, three separate tournament will come into the game featuring three different champions, each time. All players would be able to utilize these cards in the game during the event.

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How did the King find the champions in Clash Royale?

The idea of adding champions into Clash Royale (CR) was brought about by the addition of King Level 14 in the game. CR uploaded a video on their YouTube channel teasing the audience with the discovery that the King made when he accidentally discovered a path to a mysterious place. He then discovered the three new champions and went further to revive them.

Video: The KIng Discovers a Secret by Clash Royale

On this teaser, the King discovered a special map where the champions could be found…

Path to discover the champions by the king in Clash Royale
Path to discover the champions by the king in Clash Royale

As you can see in the image (Picture courtesy: Above YouTube video), the King discovered the map that would lead him to the places where the Three Champions were resting or training (God Knows!). The one with the Bow marks the area of the Archer Queen, the one with Big Sword and skeletons around it marks the area of Skeleton King.

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Following it, another video was uploaded by Clash Royale continued the King’s search for the heroes which was supported by the Royal Recruits. Three recruits started onto three different ways that leaded to three different heroes. They handed over the invitation letter to the respective champions and later on the champions headed towards the Arena and they arrived into Clash Royale.

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