3 Best Super Archers Decks in Clash Royale

In April update of 2023, Clash Royale has announced a new event featuring a special troop – the Super Archers – in the game. In this blog, we will guide you through five best super archer decks in Clash Royale for the Super Archers Event 2023.

Super Archers in Clash Royale

Super Archers are a new addition to Clash Royale that depict a couple of archers, larger in size and more powerful. Their arrows are much more powerful that are capable of moving the immovables – Golems, PEKKAs, and the Mega Knight. Their high health allows them survive fireball damages, too. Overall, super archers are beast in the current Boot Camp in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale announces new Boot Camp event featuring Super Archers

Best Super Archers Decks in Clash Royale

1. X-bow and Super Archers Deck

X-bow Super Archers Deck in Clash Royale
X-bow Super Archers Deck in Clash Royale | Source: OJ

This deck is a really quick cycle averaging just 3.0 elixir.

Super Archers are really nasty for your opponents as they can deal with any opponent cards. The skeleton, ice-spirit quickly helps you recyle to other cards. They come handy while defending troops like mini-pekka who have high damage but are single-targetting and deal damage slowly.

Two buildings X-bow and Hidden Tesla in this deck defends your princess tower from opponent building-targetting troops. X-bow will be your primary card to take down the opponent towers, beside the Super Archers.


2. Elixir Pump and Super Archers Deck

Elixir Pump Super Archers Deck
Elixir Pump Super Archers Deck | Source: SirTagCR

Even cheaper than the previous is the Elixir Pump and Super Archers deck that runs at 2.4 elixir cycle.

SirTagCR claims this deck to be better than the X-bow deck. He played using this deck in his live stream and remained undefeated in the event battles.

Your best offense in this deck is an elixir advantage. Deploy the elixir collector in a safer place to farm some extra elixirs. Super Archers are the best defense to any opponent troop.

Tank your Golden Knight, Super Archers, and mirrored Super Archers to victory.

3. How to play with Super Archers?

This is not a deck rather suggestions to play better with Super Archers decks in Clash Royale.

  • Do not waste fireball or arrows solely for destroying Super Archers. They do not die with spells. Use spells only when you are sure to get enough return from the investment.
  • Use quick cycle decks. Nothing can beat the supremacy of Super Archers. Quickly cycle to them and defeat your opponents.

Did you enjoy the content? All the above-mentioned decks were created by Clash Royale content creators and are cited from YouTube. If you wish to support those creators, check out the Clash Royale Creator Codes and use them in Clash Royale to support your favorite creators.

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