Best Golden Knight Deck in Clash Royale in November 2021

Golden Knight is the second-best champion in Clash Royale featuring his amazing DASHING DASH ability. It costs just 4 elixir to deploy this card and 1 elixir to use its ability every time. Golden Knight fits perfectly in the recent meta. In this blog, we will share one of the best golden knight decks to play in Clash Royale in November, 2021.

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1: Elite Barb – Golden Knight Deck in Clash Royale

Elite Barbarian Golden Knight Deck in Clash Royale
Elite Barbarian Golden Knight Deck in Clash Royale

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

Cards: Golden Knight, Elite Barbarians, Heal Spirit, Cannon Cart, Mother Witch, Fireball, Barbarian Barrel, Electro Wizard

This deck is featured by a popular YouTuber Clash With Shane in one of his recent video titled ‘Impossible to Defend This!! New Golden Knight Deck dominates in Clash Royale‘.

Shane calls this deck an “INFINITE SPAM“. By this he means, you can just deploy the troops with no need to worry about defense because every single card in this deck is really good.

Video: Golden Knight Deck in Clash Royale

With an average elixir cost of just 3.8, the deck becomes quick and a fast cycle one. You’ve got the cannon cart to help you against tanking units of the opponents. The Golden Knight is also so good in defense.

Elite Barbarian and Night Witch are there to get you the offensive play! Use them wisely and your victory is not far away.

More decks will also be updated here.

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Things to remember while using the Golden Knight:

1. Golden Knight can unlock the King Tower when his Dashing Dash ability is activated and a troop is deployed beside the Princess Tower towards the Kings Tower then.

Golden Knight can unlock King Tower

More tips will be added as soon as the tournament goes live.

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