Clash of Clans Builder Base Update: O.T.T.O. Bot, Time Zone Changes, and Wall Segment Expansion

Darian, the community manager of Clash of Clans, has recently given gamers something to look forward to with the company’s plans of introducing exciting new features to the Builder Base. One of the highly anticipated features is the introduction of an automated bot called O.T.T.O. bot revolutionizing the game’s dynamics. Additionally, the night village will receive a boost with an increase in wall segments, which promises to improve defensive strategies. In this blog, we will delve deeper into each of these features and explore how they will enhance the gameplay experience of Clash of Clans enthusiasts.

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O.T.T.O. Bot in Builder Base COC
O.T.T.O. Bot in Builder Base COC

O.T.T.O. Bot

The Builder Base in Clash of Clans is about to get a major upgrade with the introduction of an intelligent robot called O.T.T.O. Bot. According to Darian, the Community Manager of the game, this fully automated builder will have complete control over the builder base, making it easier for players to perform upgrades, attacks, and much more. He says, “O.T.T.O. Bot is a fully automated builder who takes complete control of your builder base and we mean FULL CONTROL.”

In the caption of the video, Clash of Clans added, “O.T.T.O. bot makes no guarantee of 3-star, 2-star, or even 1-star results. O.T.T.O. bot is a purely experimental AI that is prone to overexaggerated abilities, will take frequent naps, eat all of your favorite candy, and will steal everyone’s left shoe.”

However, players should not rely entirely on the bot’s abilities, as the video caption clearly states that the O.T.T.O. Bot is purely experimental and prone to overexaggerated abilities. The bot will take frequent naps and even steal everyone’s left shoe. This indicates that players should not rely on it entirely for the performance of their village.

Ten battles a day or ….?

Training troops in the builder base consumes no time. It will be worthy to check out how frequently the bot leads a multiplayer attack when the update rolls out.

How frequent will the naps be?

The bot will take frequent naps. We can accumulate that while the bot does anything and everything, requiring no human interaction in the builder base, players must check their night village once in a while to wake up the sleeping bot. The question is, “How long will the bot stay awake?”

The introduction of O.T.T.O. Bot also means players will no longer have to spend time designing their builder base repeatedly. This will undoubtedly bring relief to many players who find designing a new base a headache.

O.T.T.O. Bot is a game-changer for Clash of Clans enthusiasts. While players should not rely on the bot entirely, it promises to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable and engaging. With the increased performance of the night village and the convenience of an intelligent robot, the Builder Base is set to become even more exciting.

Twenty-four hour Day and Night mode

What makes this probable update more exciting is the addition of full twenty-four hour day and night mode in the game. Darian announces that the clock will follow the time zone of Finland. This decision means that the game’s day and night cycle will be synchronized with the actual time in Finland. In Finland, nights range from 4 PM in the evening to 10 AM in the morning.

While this update may bring a new level of realism to the game, it could pose some challenges for Clashers who do not fit into this time zone. Many players who play Clash of Clans for fun, for one or two hours in specific parts of the day, may find it difficult to adjust their gameplay to match the Finnish time zone.

As with any significant change to a game’s mechanics, this update is likely to generate mixed reactions from the Clash of Clans community. Some players may appreciate the added level of realism, while others may struggle to adapt to the new time zone. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how this update will impact the game’s popularity and engagement among its players.

Ten segments wall in builder base
Ten segments wall in builder base

Ten segments wall

The final anticipated update in Builder Base promises to increase the length of wall segments from five to ten. Darian, the game’s Community Manager, is confident that this change will significantly alter the base designs in Builder Base and provide players with new challenges and opportunities.

It remains to be seen how this update will impact the game’s economy, particularly the cost of wall upgrades. Players may need to prepare for an increase in upgrade costs, which could impact their overall strategy and gameplay experience.

Despite these uncertainties, the increased length of wall segments is a highly anticipated update in Builder Base. Many players are excited to see how it will shape the future of the game. The Clash of Clans community will undoubtedly be closely watching as this update rolls out and exploring all the new possibilities it brings to the game.

The recent announcements from Darian regarding the updates to Clash of Clans’ Builder Base have generated a lot of excitement and anticipation among fans. From the introduction of the O.T.T.O. Bot to changes in the game’s time zone and wall segment length, these updates have the potential to dramatically alter the gameplay experience and provide new challenges for players. However, there are also concerns about the impact of these changes on the game’s economy and the potential for some players to struggle to adapt. Nevertheless, the Clash of Clans community is eagerly awaiting the rollout of these updates and the new possibilities they will bring to the game.


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