How to use Super Potion in Clash Of Clans?

Super Potion is a magical potion in Clash Of Clans that boost a normal troop into a super troop without using dark elixir for three days. It was introduced into the game in January 2021 update.

How to use super potion in Clash Of Clans?
How to use super potion in Clash Of Clans?

In-game description:

Dark Elixir brewed into a delicious golden form, best enjoyed in a hot, humid environment with a few close friends. The Super Potion can boost a Troop into its Super Troop version for 3 days.

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How to use the Super Potion in Clash Of Clans?

Super potion is a magical potion that allows clashers to upgrade a normal troop into its super troop version without the requirement of dark elixir for three days.

In Clash Of Clans, super potion helps to trade troops.

Normally, buying a super troop costs dark elixir. 

But no longer. Using a super potion, you can buy any of your unlocked super troops free of cost.

When was Super Potion announced in Clash Of Clans?

As a part of the January 2021 update, Clash Of Clans added super potion in the game. The update was introduced into the game in 2021.

What clashers want to know?

Q. How to obtain a super potion?

A: Super potion is available as a reward in January Season Challenges, 2021 at 30 points. In case you didn’t log into the game during this time, it will be available in the trading section. Buying a super potion costs 300 gems. It may also be available in challengesclan games, and in the shop under clan war points.

Q. How to use super potion in COC?

A: Clashers can use Super Potion by going into the Super Troops section inside the game. Once you’ve opened that section, choose a super troop you want to buy and then use the potion to unlock it for 3 days.

Q. Will using a super potion allow me to unlock three super troops at once?

A: No, you won’t be able to unlock more than two super troops at a time in Clash Of Clans. Regardless super potion is a magical item, it would be unfair to be able to use more than two super troops at the same time.

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Q. How many super potions can a Town Hall store at one time?

A: A Town Hall can store maximum 5 super potions at once.

Q. Can I sell super potion?

A: Yes, you can. Each super potion can be sold to the trader for 10 gems.

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