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How to get free gems in Clash of Clans?

How to get free gems in Clash of Clans

Gems can be obtained for free in Clash of Clans through challenges, achievements, gem mines, gem boxes, and top clans rewards. They give you an added advantage since most of the works can be completed earlier and/or it deduces the actual cost of the upgrades. In this blog, we will discuss about Gems, the most valuable resource in this game!

Introducing Resources in Clash of Clans

Resources are the valuable assets of Clash of Clans. They help you to level up quicker. The more resources you can grab, the higher your chances would be to prosperous. 

As in real life, the country with higher per capita income and higher economic strength seems to be highly developed than those countries having low per capita income. 

Similarly, if you can gather more resources in less time, your efficiency with the construction works could be greater, if used strategically. 

What are gems in COC?

Gems are the green rare diamonds in Clash Of Clans and often can be considered as its own currency. 

You can imagine these as Dollars (if you live in Australia or America), Rupees (if you live in Nepal or India), Yen (if you live in Japan) and similarly others. These gems help you to make trades in the game.

Gems are mostly used to buy other resources such as Gold, Elixir, Builder Elixir and more. These rare resources can also be used to do the works instantly.

How can one use gems in COC?

Once can use gems to:

  • Instantly finish a builder construction.
  • Donate troops without training them.
  • Finish the troops training or brewing spells instantly.
  • Boost the resource collectors, barracks, heroes and spell factories.

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Should you use gems in Clash of Clans?

Resources are meant to be spent. But, that’s not always the case. Imagine you have few diamonds in your house, will you sell them? Or will you preserve them?

That’s totally your thoughts. You could either say, “I will sell these right now and become richer by investing what I get from the trade.”

You could also say, “I want to preserve this right now so that I can use them later on for a bigger purpose. Maybe I can buy a mansion, or what if a private jet?” 

Chief, if you’ve just begun playing this game, I suggest that you do not spend gems. Gems are the rarest resources in the game. Additionally, players use gems to buy builders that cost 500 gems, 1000 gems and 2000 gems respectively.   

There are only few sources to earn gems. In the very beginning, you won’t have any reliable source for greater production of gems in your village. Whilst you might want more builders to foster the development works.

So, I suggest you to spend gems randomly only after you’ve successfully unlocked all five builders in the main village. 

How can we get free gems in Clash of Clans?

As we already said, Gems are rare resources and are really hard to get. There are limited ways you can obtain gems in Clash of Clans.

How to get free gems in Clash of Clans
How to get free gems in Clash of Clans

Let us start with the simplest method.

1. Achievements

Every games has some missions set for the players so that they can grind on them to become better. However, not all games reward you with rare items every time you complete a mission. But, COC is different in a lot of factors. This is one of them.

This game rewards you with experience and gems on completing each achievements. Amount of gems that you receive depends on what level of achievement you have just achieved and what was its rarity!

I still remember unlocking the fifth builder after receiving 2000 gems as I reached the Champions League!

2. Gem Mine

Gem Mine let’s you mine deep into the ground and dig the gems. And, don’t worry, you don’t have to stay awake every time to guard the mine. Sure, your heart would be pumping every time because it’s too rare, right? But, the master builder will guard over the workers.

The only gem mine is only available in the Builder Village. Till now, only one gem mine is available in the game. 

3. Gem Box

Another easy method of obtaining gems is collecting gems boxes. However, the only disadvantage is that you can not grow it by yourself.

Gem Box is an obstacle that automatically grows in your main village. You can have only one gem box at one time.

This is a wooden box which has green gems inside it. Every gem boxes have only 25 gems in them. 

Gem boxes grow on your village depending on how much you spend your gems. If you spend gems rarely, these boxes grow very slow. If you spend gems regularly, these boxes grow quicker. 

4. Challenges

COC constantly brings new challenges that would reward gems on completing them. Some popular challenges include Clan Games.

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5. Top Clans

If you love pushing to higher leagues in Clash Of Clans. You can earn gems by doing so. But, this will require a team effort to make it possible.

The game rewards the top clans with highest trophies with a total of 10000 gems spread among the top 3 clans. These gems are further divided among the players of the clan. 

Try to aim higher and the top in the world, you might end up getting tons of gems at the end of every season!

Finally, can you get gems for free in Clash of Clans?

Yes, you can get gems for free by grinding inside the game. But, you can not get the gems for free from various illegal websites on the Internet. If you could get the gems for free, why would COC have payment methods in the game. Plus, how could COC earn money? 

As a beginner, you might get frustrated as the construction works take several hours. You will also have less builders. But, you want to reach higher in shorter time. So, you might want to get more gems to complete the works faster and level up quicker. 

However, you do not have a single penny to spend on the game. You will start to surf the internet and browse for the easiest ways to earn free gems. Never do this!

You get nothing good for free. So, take your time. Be patient and paves your path towards achievement, yourself. Then, proudly brag your success in front of others. 

Concluding, you can get gems for free from gem mine and gem box only.

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Are you wondering how to buy gems in COC?

Purchasing gems in COC is easy as well as safe. One can make the transaction  via various payment methods secured by Google. You can buy gems by visiting the Shop section.

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