How to 3 star the ThanksGiving Challenge (Clash of Clans)

Clash of Clans has recently released a new Thanks Giving Challenge in the game. The village has a Town Hall Level 10 and defenses. Upon successful completion of the challenge, clashers are rewarded with 400 XP and 2 Training Potions. In this article, we will look upon how to 3 star the Thanks Giving Challenge in Clash of Clans!

How to 3 Star the ThanksGiving Challenge
How to 3 Star the ThanksGiving Challenge

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The base is equipped with Cannons, Archer Towers, X-bows, Inferno Towers, and Heroes. Alongside, it contains deadly Seeking Air Mines and Hidden Teslas. To defned the base, the Clan Class is recruited with 3 Baby Dragons, as well. We are provided with Baby Dragons and Balloon for offence. Freeze spell comes handy to the defensed around Town Hall. The skeleton spell allows us to divert the focus of the single-targeted Inferno Towers. Poison spell becomes useful to eliminate the clan castle defenses. Rest of the spells can be utilized as we require.

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