How to 3 Star the 2019 Base in COC?

The 2019 Base in ’10 Years of Clash’ Challenge features a Town Hall 14 base. However, you need not fear of the mighty and defensive Town Hall. You can easily 3 star the 2019 Challenge in COC if you follow any of the attack strategies mentioned below. The base consists of 12 Scattershotters as the only visible defenses. Troops are loaded in the Clan Castle and Teslas will also definitely be there.

How to 3 Star the 2019 Challenge
How to 3 Star the 2019 Challenge


2022 is the 10th Clash Anniversary of Clash of Clans. It is celebrating the 10th Clashiversary in style. SUPERCELL has announced 10 Years of Clash challenge in the game. As the players gain more stars in the attacks, they gain higher rewards. 2019 challenge in COC is also one of the those challenges.

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We have only been provided with 8 Archers, 8 wall-breakers, and 6 Yetis.


We have been given 1 Healing Spell, 1 Poison Spell and 8 Skeleton Spells.



Seige Machines


Clan Castle Troops


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