How to add friends in BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is good to play with friends as it is an online real-time multiplayer game. So, you might want to add your friends in-game. But, how to do it? Well, it is really simple and easy. Today, we will tell you three different ways to add friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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How to add friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an online real-time multiplayer battle-royale video game where 4 players can join one team at a time, and can play together. Be it friends, relatives, or anyone with whom you are connected in Battlegrounds Mobile India can play with you. In fact, you might be teamed up with someone whom you don’t know. But, you might find it interesting to play with those people and want to play again and again. Adding them as a friend can make it easy to team up and play together.

How to add friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?
How to add friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

If you are new into Battlegrounds Mobile India and want to learn more about the game. You might want to check these guides we have prepared just for you:

So, what are the advantages of having friends in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

  • Once you add a friend and start playing matches, your synergy starts building. Synergy is the bond between you and your friend that reflects understanding and a strong connection between you and them.
  • When the synergy reaches certain level, you can even categorize your friends into Bromance, Lovers, Buddy, and BFFs. It is really useful when you have a group of best friends and you play together.  
  • You might even want to add professional Battlegrounds Mobile India players. On doing so, you could get some respect and praise from your friends.
  • Having lots of friends can help you accomplish many achievements in game as well. On reaching certain number of friends, you get awarded with the title ‘Social Butterfly’.
  • Friends can help you increase your popularity. Having many friends denotes you are a popular player. If every single friend gifts you popularity points by ×50 each day, you might end up getting 1000 popularity points every day if you have 200 friends.

Having said you can add a lot of friends in game. What is the actual number?

How many friends can you actually add in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Is there any limit on number of friends? Yes, there’s a limit on the number of friends you can have in game. And, the limit is not defined by the game itself. It may vary according to the users. If you are a non-royal pass user, you may be able to have somewhere around 262 friends while if you have bought the royal pass at least once, you could add up to 350 friends. [Assumption]

Before adding friends in BGMI

Before starting, we have a few things that you need to know to understand the steps mentioned below:

♦ Player ID and Character Name

Player ID in Battlegrounds Mobile India is a unique numeric identification number that addresses a particular user only. This means that each user has their own unique player ID.

Character Name is the user-defined name to name their character in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is also unique. Two players can never have the same character name.

Player ID and Character Name can be seen via numerous ways. However, the easiest way of all is the following:

  1. Ask the player to visit their own profile.
  2. On the leftmost side of their screen, they can see their player information. Ask them to click on that.
  3. Once clicked, they can view their character name, player ID, and more of the information.
  4. There is a button to copy that ID. You can simply ask them to copy and send the ID via messenger applications.
Video: How to view your in-game name and player ID?

Once you get the required information, you can head towards the below-mentioned steps to send a friend request to your friends and start playing Battlegrounds Mobile India together.

Ways to add friends in BGMI

As discussed in the start of this post, there are three precise ways to add friends.

I. Search the player and then add as a friend

This is the only method to add a player if you have not played a single match with them in recent days. As mentioned above, a player has its own unique Player ID and Character Name. You can use either of them to search the player and send them a friend request. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Ask you friend to message you either their character name or player ID. Player ID is suggested to be used.
  2. Copy the player ID to the device’s clipboard.
  3. Open Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  4. Open the following menu in Battlegrounds Mobile India by clicking from the top left.
  5. From the top right corner of the tab, tap on the human icon with plus sign.
  6. Following search box will be shown. In the search box, paste the character ID you’d copied in step 2.
  7. Click search.
    • Your friend’s profile must appear in the search if the entered user ID is correct.
    • From here, you can follow any one of the following steps to send them a friend request.
      • From the search result, click on Add a Friend icon that appears just below the player’s name.
        • OR
      • Click on the profile picture of your friend. This will take you to a new user interface.
      • On the bottom right corner, you must be seeing a Add a Friend icon, click on it and send the friend request.

II. Go to Recent and then add as a Friend

If you’ve played classic, arena, or any other more matches with random or strangers, most of them get saved in the ‘recent’ tab. You can check the player’s profile information and add them as a friend, as well. So, how to do it? Follow these steps:

  • Open the friends menu in Battlegrounds Mobile India by clicking from the top left.
  • Click on the Recent tab. Search the player whom you want to add into your friend list. You may scroll a little if you cannot find their names.
  • Click on the profile picture of the desired player. Few options will appear.
  • From the bottom right corner of the screen, click on Add To Friends button.
  • You will be promoted with a dialog box to send them message. Put in your words and send the request.

III. From the results, click on Add Friends icon

When you’ve just played a match with someone who made you feel good throughout the entire match. Or maybe they played well so you want to play with them together to get tips to improve your gameplay. Then, you definitely want to send them a friend request. It is really easy to do so. But, you will need patience. If you get killed before they finish the match and exit it, you should be trying the second method to add them. In case, you decided to complete the match with them, you can add them as a friend from the results. How? Check the steps below:

  1. Wait till you have won the match or all four of your squad members have died.
  2. On the results screen, you can see the individual results of the whole team in a row format. On the right hand side of each player, you can see an ADD Friend icon.
  3. Click on that icon to send a friend request to the desired player.

♦ Requirements for adding friends in BGMI

In case, you do not know the player whom you want to send a friend request or haven’t played even a single match, there are very limited ways to send them a friend request.

♦ Rules to follow when you add friends in BGMI

However, follow these rules while having a friend.

  • Never send a friend request to someone whom you don’t know.
  • Do not accept the friend request of players you don’t want to play with.
  • This is a virtual world, do not spread hate against any player.

Okay, so you’ve sent them a friend request. Similarly others might also have sent you a friend request in the past. How to check a friend request and add them as a friend?

♦ How to accept or reject friend requests in BGMI?

Friend requests appear on the same tab you see your friend lists. When you have a pending request, the notification bell will have a number on it. Click on it, you may see the desired number of friend requests. Now, you can either ACCEPT or IGNORE the requests.

You can let us know your opinion regarding this guide in the comments section below. Even few heart warming words can make our day. They provide us the energy to put in all the efforts and write more such contents for you.

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