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What is the best Clash Royale Creator Code in 2021?

What is the best Clash Royale Creator Code in 2022?

There are hundreds of creator codes in Clash Royale. Many creators have created contents of Clash Royale in the past but only few of them are continuing this at the present. Many beginners have joined this game in 2021 and have got decent fame as well. However, in this article, we have listed only few of the most active content creators that have been creating contents before 2021.

Success of Clash Royale and its existence in the ever-changing gaming industry for 6 long years has been strongly supported by the presence of its dedicated content creators in various social media platforms.

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Following is the list of best clash royale creator code and their creators in 2022. Name of creators have been mentioned before the creator codes.

  • B-rad (brad)
  • MOLT (molt)
  • SirTagCR – Clash Royale (sirtag)
  • Nickatnyte (nyte)
  • Orange Juice Gaming (oj)
  • NyteOwl (0wl)
  • Clash With Ash (cwa)

Following is the complete list of creator codes in Clash Royale:

List of Creator Codes in Clash Royale in 2021

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Supporting a creator allows the creators to earn few cents to dollars whenever you make a monetary transcation in the game. According to some sources, around 5% of the total in-game transaction is awarded to the respective creators.

At the end of the day, choosing which creator to support completely depends upon you. The above list is created to aware the audience about these OG creators of Clash Royale who have continuously put their sweats and tears into creating amazing Clash Royale vidoes for their audience.

Remember, you can only support one creator at a time. The validity of an entered creator code is around a week and you need to re-enter the code to keep it working.

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