What is 8bit Creatives? What does it do?

When two big eSports organizations: 8bit and SOUL, collaborated with each other, S8UL came into being. Around that time, 8bit Creatives was also announced by 8bit Thug, in partnership with 8bit Goldy. However, to most of the people, the difference between these two entity isn’t yet clear.

S8UL is the association of the chosen gamers whereas 8bit creatives is more like an association that commercially represents the gamers in India.

It basically acts as the mediator between the brands and its creators. When brands are willing to sponsor the creators, especially gamers (only those who are its members), 8bit Creatives officially makes the deal with brands where the creators don’t necessarily need to stress themselves for the deals.

What is 8bit Creatives?
What is 8bit Creatives?

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8bit Creatives

What is it?It is an agency that represents its creators commercially to the brands.
Initiative of8bit Thug ‘Animesh Agarwal’
Owners8bit Goldy ‘Goldy Jain’ and 8bit Thug ‘Animesh Agarwal’
Quick Information

How can one join it?

One can contact contact@8bitcreatives.in to learn about the procedures of joining this association.

Will joining it make a person member of S8UL?

No, not at all because S8UL is a separate entity. Neither all 8bit Creatives members are all S8UL members nor all S8UL members are 8bit Creatives members.

8bit Creatives Members

Till August 2021, 23 creators have singed in with the agency.

  • Yash Soni ‘SouL Viper’
  • SouL ScOut ‘Tanmay Singh’
  • 8bit Mamba ‘Salman Ahmad’
  • SouL Regaltos ‘Parv Singh’
  • Ketan Patel ‘8bit K18’
  • Animesh Agarwal ‘8bit Thug’
  • Mrinmoy Lakhar ‘8bit beg4mercy’
  • Mukul Anchal ‘8bit Mafia’
  • Ayan Alamgir ‘8bit Rebel’
  • Beast ‘Harinder Kumar’
  • S8UL Aman ‘Aman Jain’
  • Nihar Saha ‘8bit PotHEAD’
  • Sangwan ‘Dhruv Sangwan’
  • SouL Zeref ‘Devdeep Dhar’
  • Kamal Kumar ‘8bit Akshu’
  • Paridhi Khullar ‘8bit Rav3n’
  • PayalGaming ‘Payal Dhare’
  • SouL Mavi ‘Harmandeep Singh’
  • MiLi ‘Saloni Kandalgonkar’
  • Sherlock ‘Monika Jeph’
  • Maharani ‘Ankkita Chauhan’
  • Binks69 ‘Mithul Nayak’
  • SNAX Gaming ‘Raj Verma’

In near future, we expect this number will increase beyond the limits as the work they are doing is really appreciable. As a content creator, it is a negligible offer as well.

Social Media:

Instagram: @8bit_creatives Followers: 60K (August, 2021)

Website: 8bitcreative | B2B/D2C Marketing Agency | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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